Kind Words

Here are some kind words from patients and patients' families:


“How I found the real reason for Beaumond House
I, like many people, passed along London Road and ‘That’s the house where people go to die with cancer’. How wrong was I! Palliative care is a very small part. I was asked if I would like to attend day care. My immediate thought was, I’m dying. I have COPD, a long term illness and have oxygen treatment.
With great trepidation I went. My first encounter was a man with a beard, a volunteer, who put my mind at rest. I went in round the back into a room of smiling people and was looked after immediately and introduced to everyone, sat in a comfy chair, asked if I would like a drink, pick a lunch from a substantial menu covering all eventualities.
I knew I would like it straight away because the warmth and genuine care, and the laughter of people enjoying the conversation.
From nurses to volunteer they’re the kindest people I have met.
So, if like me, you didn’t know about this wonderful place remember, because everybody is touched in life with bad illness, neighbours, relatives or friends and if they get to Beaumond House they are very lucky people.
Long may it reign because it’s a great big, warm and lovely place and should be helped and treasured for ever.”


Last comment about London (until next year when I get the anniversary reminder) and a last call for a sponsor for beaumond house.
For anyone who's interested I came 976,856 out of the ?#‎oneinamillioncampaign. There will be many, many more after me. And all running for their own reasons.
I love beaumond house. It continues to bring the most support to Helen Sibcy than any public backed nhs or private medical institution.
Hospices are about humanity and care during and after cancer and other life changing treatments. We're all potential victims and we should hold those places dear.
It's not about about old people being looked after before they die. Only today Helen needed to get some guidance and support. The stoma nurses aren't available, the GPs didn't have a place but BH were there to get her in and answer her questions and give quality advice.
She's had the all clear but she doesn't get enough after care from the state. Beaumond House are there for her and hundreds more people, young and old, who need their support and experience.
If you can't donate now look it up. Go and pack bags in Morrison's for them, drop 50 pence into a collection pot or donate am hour of your time making craft stuff they can sell. They are amazing. Trust me.
I also have lots of friends who are raising money for the hospice. People like Dawn Taylor. Sponsor them too. Keep it local and keep real care for real people at the front of your mind.
I have and will continue to try to raise the profile of the most amazing example of care and humanity that there is in Newark. Help me out.


I would like to send all our love and thanks to the staff at Beaumond House Hospice. We can't thank you enough for looking after ,and putting up with Dad.!!! I know how much he enjoyed coming and how much he thought of the staff and patients. We've heard some great stories!!

Thanks for all your love and support