More about our Appeal

More about our Appeal

Urgent Appeal: The Beaumond House Clock is ticking and we need your help - NOW.

Despite the fact that our expenditure has dropped by £30k this year, due to our continued work to reduce costs, our resources and reserves are being eroded at a rate that is not sustainable for the future if we are to maintain our current levels of patient care and the support we provide to the people of Newark and district.

As you would expect the trustees and managers are keen to address this issue whilst there is still time, however if we do not address our financial challenges, the consequences are serious with the possible outcome being that the hospice would be forced to close or at least lose its local control.

We have seen a significant reduction in income. For the last financial year to March 31st 2015 we saw a major reduction in legacy income which was £26,456 compared to the previous year’s figure of £328,202. This was a shortfall of more than £300,000 and as you will appreciate it is essential that we take steps to address this now.

Ten years ago we were able to rely more heavily on legacy income; whereas today, people are living longer, they are surviving serious illnesses and medicine is becoming more effective. This means people are living longer resulting in legacy income diminishing. In addition, as most people will have to pay for their own care during old age their assets are being used so legacies are smaller.

This trend falls in line with statistics taken from Hospice UK which show that the number of people aged 85 and over is expected to double in the next 20 years. Britain’s older population is set to increase sharply in the next few decades and the number of people aged 100 or over is expected to increase more than eight-fold by 2035 – to more than 100,000.

A survey conducted in July of this year by Hospice UK, Together for Short Lives and other national charities states that statutory funding for adult and children’s hospices in England is fragile, unfair and unsustainable. More than two thirds of the hospices surveyed report that their statutory funding was frozen or slashed in 2014/15 – largely because of financial restrictions on NHS commissioners or stand still budgets. Hospice UK and Together for Short Lives are calling on the Government to set out how it will bring about fair and sustainable statutory funding for hospice and palliative care. However until that review happens we need to continue to rely upon our local community more than ever.

It is also interesting to note the following information taken from Hospice Accounts: an analysis of the accounts of UK independent voluntary hospices for the year ended March 31, 2013 by Hospice UK

The average adult hospice in England ONLY receives funding for 32% of its expenditure from the government (Beaumond House is in line with this figure). Government funding of hospices in England has been steady at around one third of expenditure for many years now. This means that the majority of hospice costs are paid for by fundraising in the local community.

Local communities and businesses are therefore vital sources of support to hospices, with 64% of income coming from donations, legacies and trading for adult hospices. (Investment income makes up the remaining 4%)

Here at Beaumond House we have invested in high quality staff to maintain and surpass the increasing demands that care provision requires. We do not receive funding for the additional services we provide to support our patients and a critical review is currently being undertaken to review the services we provide.

So what does it cost to provide services at Beaumond House:

• A night of respite care costs £396
• A day care place for a day £65
• An hour of hospice at home care £34

Directors and staff at Beaumond House feel strongly that the hospice wouldn’t have got where it is today without the tremendous support of the people of Newark and district. It is because of this that the directors owe it to you all to be as transparent as possible in terms of our financial situation.

Whilst appealing for your help, we are also being as proactive/creative as possible by working closely with other local care providers to look at efficient collaborative ways of working with a view to further reduce costs and ensure value for your money.

We currently have reserves to enable us in the short term to bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be, but the reserves will only last so long and we cannot sustain the use of the reserves at the current rate for the medium term.

Dr Julie Barker Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors said:

“Beaumond House belongs to the people of Newark and district and we owe it to those people to say that we need their support now more than ever before if the hospice is to be sustainable for our future and our families’ future.

Beaumond House provides a fantastic high quality, professional service and is available to whoever needs our help and support at such a vulnerable time towards the end of life. We are helping more people than ever before, both within the house and in the community. But additional expenses, limited NHS income due to national cuts in the public sector, a drop in legacy income and heavier demands on voluntary giving all conspire to mean that our current sources of income are not enough to sustain Beaumond House in the future. We are hoping that the people of Newark and district will help us to rise to the challenge in order to secure the future of a fundamental service that is so close to everyone’s hearts.”

As you can see a little really does go a long way:

o £33 a month for a year will pay for a night of respite for someone
o £5.50 a month for a year will pay for a day care place for a day and
o £3 a month for a year will pay for an hour of Hospice @ Home care

Thank you for your continued support and PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY to both maintain the current Beaumond House services and also to secure the financial sustainability and future of YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY HOSPICE.