Cancer survivors, rugby players and firefighters are uniting to raise awareness of men's health by laying off the shaving cream until the end of November.
The group are growing moustaches as part of international campaign Movember, which aims to raise money, awareness and to help men with prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

The entire senior squad of Newark Rugby Club and at least seven firemen from Newark Fire Station are growing moustaches, as are two cancer survivors who say they have benefited hugely from using Beaumond House's Resource and Information Centre on Stodman Street, Newark.

The centre provides advice, information, and support for anyone who may be suffering from ill health or has family members or friends suffering from illness and also want to promote an outreach centre which is part of Beaumond House Community Hospice.

Mr Paul Murdoch, 67, of Mallard Green, Balderton, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2011, said: "This centre really is a jewel within Newark. I suffered badly from anxiety and depression after two-and a-half years of treatment so I was advised to go to the centre. Now the people I talk to here have become part of my support team and they give me consolidation and emotional support. They referred me for complementary therapy through the hospice such as aromatherapy, massages, and other treatment which has worked really well."

Mr Chris Tate, who plays for Newark Rugby Club and is a fireman at Newark, said: "This is something the rugby club does every year, but it's a bit special this time because we've had several members of the club who have been ill."

The club is asking for donations during their Movember campaign.

Mrs Christine Smith, a nurse and Macmillan information and support specialist at the resource centre, said: "It's very important to encourage men to look after their health and go to the doctor if they have any lumps or colds which could be something serious. Anyone who has any questions about their health can come and see us."