Dispelling the Myths of Hospice Care

Dispelling the Myths of Hospice Care

Dispelling the Myths of Hospice Care…

Perceptions of hospice care:

MYTH: People only go to stay in Beaumond House when they are about to die.

REALITY: People are admitted to Beaumond House to have their medication adjusted and sometimes to give those caring for them a break. The average length of stay is around two weeks. Some people choose to stay in the in-patients unit as they approach the end of their lives but the majority of people prefer to be cared for at home. Our aim is to make that choice possible.

REALITY: Two thirds of all patients are discharged from hospices.

MYTH: Beaumond House receives all its income from the government

REALITY: The government contributes approximately 30% of the required income; we have to raise the rest. This is done by charitable donations.Beaumond House needs to raise nearly £700,000 a year in order to meet the needs of those who require our help.

MYTH: Hospice Care Means Giving Up Hope

REALITY: Choosing hospice care in no way means a patient is giving up hope.

It may mean redefining hope. Where a patient once hoped for a cure they may now hope to be pain-free. Hope for a patient may mean seeing a distant friend or relative one last time. Hope could be as simple as wanting to spend as much time with loved ones as possible, or remaining at home rather than having to go to the hospital or a nursing home. Hope looks different in hospice care but it is certainly not lost, the great advantage of being able to afford the patient and family’s time is getting the most out of life.

Future Demand for Hospice Care

Almost 50% of people say they are concerned there won’t be enough hospice care available in future. By 2035 at least 100,000 more people than there are today will be living with varied end of life care needs.

Key Facts and Statistics About Hospice Care

Charitable hospices collectively need to raise £1.8m per day – amounting to more than £9,000 per hospice each day.More than 125,000 people give their time to volunteer in hospices each year. 

Words recently used by our patients and visitors to describe Beaumond House:

Living, Happy, Fun, Home, Peace, Understanding, Happy, Support


How Beaumond House supported the local community in 2013/14

Number of Registered Patients: 450

Respite/In Patient Care: 1209 nights of care supporting 73 patients

Day Care: 2,597 patient days supporting 88 different patients

Care in the Community / Hospice at Home: 3,320 hours to 130 patients

Carer Support: 120 carers supported at Beaumond House

Benefits Advice: 654 sessions to 385 patients & their families were helped

Complementary Therapy: 1215 sessions given to 240 patients & their carers

Equipment Loans: 225 items of Equipment loaned to patients & carers

Bereavement Support: 185 sessions conducted

Resource and Information Centre: Over 2,000 people have accessed the service since January 2011