Help us reach our 100 target

Help us reach our 100 target

Can you help us reach our 500 target?

We have had such a fantastic response to our recent appeal with 100 people joining our regular giving scheme, however there is still a long way to go. We have launched totaliser to record the number of people signing up to a regular giving pledge that will help safeguard the future of the hospice. Updates will be published in the Advertiser and on

The hospice relies on £700,000 of its annual running costs being raised through voluntary giving and needs to secure more predictable monthly income.

If 1,000 people pledged £10 a month an extra £120,000 would be raised.

That would rise to £150,000 if all donations were gift-aided ­— taxpayers can claim gift aid, which means that every £1 donation is increased by 25p.

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