Spotlight on Robin Steedman

Spotlight on Robin Steedman

How long have you been a volunteer at Beaumond House?

I have just celebrated my 20th anniversary, I’ve been here since the very first days of day-care.


How did you become a volunteer at Beaumond House?

At that time. all the local ministers were invited to come and have a look around Beaumond House, and I decided to volunteer from that.


Why do you continue to volunteer at Beaumond House?

I love it and I love the people. Beaumond House is such a positive place, it’s more like a community. Hopefully I can impart something to the patients whilst I’m here, but I certainly get more back than I give.


What is your role at Beaumond House?

I am the Chaplain on a Thursday.


What does the role entail?

To be available if someone has spiritual or other matters they need to discuss, but this is only occasional. I also offer friendship, encouragement and support just the same as any other day-care volunteer.


What is your favourite part of your role?

I particularly like the time just before lunch, we spend the time chatting and catching up on all our news from the previous week. Coming in on a regular day each week affords me the time to build relationships with patients and fellow volunteers.


What has been your best moment whilst volunteering at BH?

My best moments are when I return after a period of absence as I really miss the place when I’m away. I also have lots of memories of some wonderful characters that I have met over the years.


Any embarrassing incident whilst volunteering at BH?

Yes, more than I can mention!


What changes have you seen during your time at BH?

The main change is the growth of the place. In the early days we didn’t have day-care 5 days a week as we do now. To see how the place has blossomed and to see how the community have accepted and support Beaumond House is great.


 If you had to describe BH to a stranger, how would you sum it up?

 It’s a lovely place of security, friendship and support for those in need.


 Anything else you want to add?

Of all the things I do as part of my job, coming to Beaumond House is the most precious. It was a frightening experience in the beginning as it was all new and unfamiliar, but now I wouldn’t miss coming for anything.


Would you encourage others to volunteer at Beaumond House?

Oh yes, definitely. Everyone can find something to contribute.


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