Taking on the Sleepwalk in Memory of Loved Sister

Taking on the Sleepwalk in Memory of Loved Sister

Judy West is calling on people across Newark and surrounding areas to take part in the Beaumond House Sleepwalk and she came into the Fundraising Office tell us why it is so important to her.

“It was really a massive shock when Jill was diagnosed and we received the prognosis, you don’t imagine as an older sister that you are going to lose any of your younger siblings and Jill was only 62 when she died. I was really very close to Jill, we started up the Elston Brownie pack together and ran it for many years, Jill did a lot for her community and she would do anything for anyone and was so down to earth. She was the president of the local Inner Wheel twice, which she was so very proud of she also did a lot of fundraising for various charities in her time as president. Jill had lost her husband seven years before she died, she had one daughter Kathryn and they were like two peas in a pod!”

Judy’s husband’s Aunt, Jackie, was one of the first patients to have an overnight stay at Beaumond House back in the early 1990’s so the family had seen the first hand the care that Jill was going to get. Judy says “From the first day we came in to visit Jill we were made to feel so welcome. It was wonderful.  We will be forever in the debt of Beaumond House, Jill was so well cared for and the love and kindness given to Jill and our family was so amazing it is difficult to put into words. My son Rob came to visit Jill when she was in Beaumond House, he knew it would be the last time her saw her but he didn’t want her to see him upset so he came in smiling and had some real banter with her. She couldn’t speak at that point but she spent the whole time he was there laughing, at one point the nurses made us some drinks and Rob opened a packet of biscuits, but as he opened them they flew out and landed in every corner of the room, we were laughing so loud that the nurses came in and joined in our fun. It was really lovely and it was the last time we saw Jill laugh. Being in Beaumond House was like being part of an extended family, after Jill had passed away the nurses and carers let us do everything in our own time when we were ready. We could give them the earth. I know that everybody has to die but Beaumond House made everything so easy, especially for our family, they took the pain away and we were able to spend quality time with Jill before she died. Jill was so well thought of that at her funeral there were people standing in every aisle and outside because there were so many people there, which was lovely for our family to walk in to a sea of faces, people who cared for Jill very much.”

“The Forget-me-not Sleepwalk 2013 was just a month after Jill had died, so I decided I wanted to take part, so with my daughter Becky, grandson Brandon and many friends we went along and took part in the walk, we raised £100 but this year we want raise a lot more, I am rustling up the troops to take part again this year and hopefully we will have an even bigger team than last year. The event is so much fun and very worthwhile. Everyone should take part. It’s only a mile walk around town, so anyone can do it, you don’t have to be the fittest person in the world. Everybody knows somebody who will have been touched by Beaumond House at some point in their lives, the people and the place are so special they don’t deserve to have to struggle for funds.”


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