Referrals for Beaumond House

Referring a patient

Who can make a referral?

Beaumond House seeks to serve the needs of the local community and has a policy of an open referrals system, therefore will consider a referral from any person, either public or professional.

Who is eligible?

The person being referred to Beaumond House must:

• Be over 18 years old.
• Live within a 15-mile radius of Beaumond House.(CLICK HERE to see a catchment area map)
• Have an incurable, life limiting condition, with palliative care needs. Most patients will have advanced progressive disease and the focus of care will have changed from curative to palliative.

Medical care in Beaumond House is provided by local GP’s and therefore patients will be:

• Registered with a Newark and Sherwood GP (either a permanent or temporary registration)
• Registered on the GP Palliative Care register (QOF).

Do you accept anyone?

Beaumond House is a community Hospice, providing care in a homely environment and has some restrictions; we are currently not able to admit to our services:

• Patients who require acute medical care or interventions that are not provided in Beaumond House or dependent on their complex care needs are beyond the scope of our care provision. For example intravenous medication, fluids or blood products, intensive monitoring, or a current clinical problem not related to their life-limiting condition.
• Patients with conditions, or co-morbidities affecting cognition (e.g. moderate or severe dementia or acute mental illness, learning disability). These patients will require further assessment to ensure safe care can be provided.
• Patients weighing more than 180 kgs.(28 stones) who would not be able to be supported by existing equipment e.g. beds, hoists.

There should be direct discussion with the Hospice nursing team if any of the following apply:
• an oxygen therapy requirement
• more complex nursing interventions, such as PEG feed, chest drain, tracheostomy
• patient known to have a healthcare acquired infection e.g. Clostridium Difficile

How can I refer?

Initial referrals can be made
• in person
• by telephone
• by fax
• by e-mail

The referral form is available in Beaumond House and can be downloaded here. The form should be fully completed by the referrer (for health professionals), and as much information as possible for other referrers.

Please click here to see the full referral criteria