Well done to Stuart Hendry...

Congratulations to Stuart Hendry, A Beaumond House supporter, who made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro in January this year. A great inspiration to anybody is or is thinking about taking part in our 2016 Kilimanjaro trek.


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Beaumond House Event Brochure

We now have a 2015 events brochure available so you can see what exciting events we have coming up in 2015. You can download the brochure by clicking here

You can read more Beaumond House news and articles by downloading our Newsletter here

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Equipment Loans

Beaumond House provide an equipment loan service to palliative patients within our 15 mile catchment area. We loan out around 200 items per year and this is a free service, we rely purely on donations to acquire the equipment we loan out. We loan out wheelchairs, riser recliner…

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Dispelling the Myths of Hospice Care

Dispelling the Myths of Hospice Care…….

Perceptions of hospice care:

MYTH: People only go to stay in Beaumond House when they are about to die.

REALITY: People are admitted to Beaumond House to have their medication adjusted and sometimes to give those…

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