How You Can Volunteer


We are so grateful to the dozens of people who give their time each week in support of the work of Beaumond House Community Hospice.

Our volunteers are a vital part of our team and contribute to almost every area of our work. We recognise that without the 200+ volunteers who give us the precious gift of their time, we simply couldn’t deliver our services to our patients and their families in the way that we do. Our volunteers donate 100’s of hours each month, bringing with them a wealth of skills, experience and enthusiasm.

All of our volunteers come from different backgrounds and have their own personal reason for being here; each volunteer brings their own specific skills, interests, experience and humour to a variety of roles. We, in return, express our appreciation by seeking to ensure that each individual who donates their time has a positive and fulfilling experience.

 You can see our current volunteering opportunities here

So Why Volunteer? 

Beaumond House Hospice makes a big difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones and as a volunteer we offer you the opportunity to play a part in this.

Throughout the organisation we recognise that we are a team, working together to provide excellent services, so wherever you choose to volunteer your contribution will make a difference to someone’s life.

Many of our volunteers make friends as a result of volunteering, and many find that they grow in confidence.

You will receive full training and learn about the work of the hospice, as well as gaining valuable skills and experience. Volunteering is a great way to improve your CV.

Here are some reasons why people choose to volunteer:

  • There is a sense of ‘giving back’ or to ‘make a difference’
  • To have a rewarding experience
  • To make good use of spare time
  • To make new friends
  • To learn new skills and gain new experiences or to put existing skills to a good use
  • To get involved in the community
  • For enjoyment

Above all you will be part of a wonderful, dedicated team, helping to make a difference to so many local people.


Volunteer Roles

There are a wide range of volunteer roles available whether you can spare a few hours every week or a few hours every now and then, you will find something to suit you! You may want to help in the house, in the kitchen, drive patients to and from the hospice or you might want to help us out with our administration.

If you can’t make a regular commitment but still want to get involved, why not become a fundraising volunteer?

As a fundraising volunteer you will be part of the team responsible for raising money which is vital in meeting the costs of our services. Our fundraising department is a hive of activity where volunteers get involved in administration, counting money, preparing events materials and a myriad of other tasks. Some fundraising volunteers support events. Our events are an opportunity for the general public to engage with the hospice and donate in support of our work. Volunteers play a vital role whether by stewarding, setting up or packing down events, or looking after stalls. This role may involve asking the general public for donations.


Who Can Volunteer?

We welcome applications from anyone 16 years of age and over. Our volunteers come from all walks of life; some wishing to learn new skills and grow in confidence, with others bringing a lifetime of experiences with them.

We have vacancies for people who can make regular commitments and we also have one-off opportunities throughout the year for people to get involved with our fundraising events and campaigns. 

You need no previous experience. 

Many of our volunteers have been helping us for many years. 

Volunteer, Rae Russell says "I have made many new friends and can't think of my life without coming to Beaumond House"

Volunteering is a fun way of giving back to the local community and all of our volunteers find it a worthwhile experience. If you do volunteer to help us we can’t pay you – however we can give you lots of thanks and praise, training if required and a chance to help your local community.

Click Here to see our current volunteering vacancies, alternatively, you can contact us by telephone on 01636 610556, or feel free to call in and meet some of the team during office hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q, Will I receive training?

Yes, all volunteers will have an Induction. You will then receive any training which is specific to your role. All volunteers are required to attend a refresher training session each year. Other optional training opportunities may be available to volunteers throughout the year.

Q, How old do I need to be?

Our volunteers need to be 16 or over; we have no upper age limit.

Q, How much time will I need to give?

This very much depends on the volunteering opportunity you are interested in. We don’t ask for a minimum commitment. Many of our volunteers regularly donate around 4 hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis however we are equally as happy to hear from those who would like to make a less regular commitment as there are opportunities that offer great flexibility.